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Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind - tradus romana

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Joss Ackland in the Pet Shop Boys film 'It Couldn't Happen Here'.

Stranger: "I smell youth, vintage youth." 

Neil: "You don't have have any weapons in there, do you?" 

Stranger: "Why? What do you need?" 

Chris: "Where are you from?" 

Neil: "Yes, where are you from?" 

Stranger: "I'm glad you asked me twice. You see I'm a bilingual. I'm a bilingual illiterate. I can't read in two languages. I've just been fishing with Salvador Dali. He used a dotted line... caught every other fish. Then we played poker with tarot cards. I got a full house. Four people died; one of them was a nun." 

Neil: "You're very full of yourself, aren't you?" 

Stranger: "Yes, some people do call me conceited, I can't think why. I'm just tired. I've been up all night trying to round off the infinite. And Lucifer before the day doth go." 

Chris: "Don't we know you?" 

Stranger: "I don't know. I used to be blind. But then I started eating carrots. I still can't see during the day." 

Neil: "Do you want a drink?" 

Stranger: "No thank you, that's very nice. I'll get the waiter. [TURNS ON RADIO] Oh, I love the radio. I had a girlfriend once who used to sing on the radio. Every time she walked under the bridge you couldn't hear her sing. Oh she was a beautiful girl, very beautiful. When I first met her she'd just been to a psychoanalyst. It didn't do her any good, she said. I asked her why. She said I'm a nymphomaniac, you see, and I only get turned on by Jewish Cowboys. I'm so sorry I said, let me introduce myself, my name is Bucky Goldstein

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